What Is Instagram AI Trend? How to Make AI Avatars

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You may have already seen some AI-generated Instagram posts and stories. That's because a new Instagram AI trend is afoot, and we're here with our guide to help you create your AI-powered selfies! Buckle up because there are many options!

The Instagram AI trend has arrived, bringing with it a plethora of innovative AI-generated artwork, selfies, and even your former self. With the advancement of AI technologies, many new possibilities emerge in our lives. This time, our little technological assistants, AI bots, are turning us all into artists! Let's look at your alternatives to joining the Instagram AI trend together.

Instagram AI trend

How to make the Instagram AI trend?

You must use an AI image-generation tool to participate in the trend. Many options are available, ranging from hyper-realistic selfies to fictitious landscape portraits.

To create your own AI art:

  1. Choose an app from the list below.
  2. Create an image.
  3. Post it in your story.

What is the AI ​​Art Generator Everyone Uses?

As previously stated, there are numerous app alternatives to be a part of the trend. Unlike in the past, AI technologies are now available for anyone to improve and experiment with the incredible features they provide. People have been sharing AI-generated art in their posts and stories as part of the recent Instagram AI trend. We are here to provide you with a list of alternatives to AI art apps.

  • Lensa AI
  • DALL-E 2
  • Wombo Dream
  • NightCafe AI
  • Stable diffusion AI
  • Google's DreamBooth AI
  • Historical AI by MyHeritage
  • Midjourney AI

How Does the AI Art Generator Works?

The process of creating these images is quite complicated, but here are the fundamentals. For some, a user enters a text prompt, and the AI compares it to captions and alt text for images in their massive databases. The relevant images are then 'decomposed' and reverse-engineered into something new. Others use almost no human input at all, instead relying on machine learning to replicate an artist's style or create hybrid styles.

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