Xbox: October update brings extensive innovations

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Xbox October update

Microsoft is constantly providing its next-gen consoles with updates. The September update is now followed by the October update – again with a few new features.

The focus of the update is options for sounds and volume as well as a firmware update for the Xbox controllers.

Microsoft is giving the next-gen Series X|S consoles new CEC functions via HDMI. The volume of the TV can now be changed directly in the audio and music area of ​​the Xbox. This eliminates the need for a separate TV remote control.

Another new feature is the option of a quiet start-up process. The console startup sound will then be muted. 

The setting can be found in the Volume & audio output area (Profile & system > Settings > General > Volume & audio output > Additional options). Here you now also have access to options for the switch-on sound.

You can also now designate a console as your "Home Xbox". If you are not logged in, friends and family can access your games. You can also play your games offline.

Microsoft allows five changes a year. Changes will also come to Xbox power mode. Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One consoles now communicate "standby" as "hibernate" and "sleep" as "shutdown (sleep)":

Xbox passkeys and guest keys are now called Xbox PINs. Only the name changes are here. With a fixed PIN, you can restrict access to things like purchases or parental controls.

In addition to the consoles, there are also firmware updates for the controllers. Also included: are bug fixes and problem fixes in conjunction with the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

There are also innovations for the Xbox app. Gaming video clips can now be trimmed with the app on Android and iOS. After selecting a recording from the library, you can adjust the start and end of the clip. 

The corresponding update will be introduced immediately until it is available for everyone, but it will certainly take some time.

Also: The Xbox Game Bar on Windows 11/10 PCs now allows the direct import of screen recordings to Medal. tv. Medal. tv can be selected as an export in the course of a screen recording via the Games Bar.

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