WhatsApp back online after worldwide outage

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Whatsapp Back Online

The messaging platform WhatsApp has come back online after an outage that affected users worldwide.

WhatsApp suffered from a worldwide outage this morning, but the chat service is working again. The problems started around  08:00 BST and eventually lasted for more than an hour and a half. Reports were received worldwide. The platform has 2 billion users.

According to the service status website Down Detector, More than 12,000 users of WhatsApp reports were posted within half an hour after the outage.

It is unclear what caused the outage. A WhatsApp spokesperson only confirms that the problem has been resolved.

A spokesperson for Meta (which includes WhatsApp) informed some media websites on Tuesday morning that "many people have had problems sending messages via WhatsApp today. We have resolved the issue and apologize for the inconvenience.” The messaging service has more than two billion users worldwide.

This kind of major malfunction with WhatsApp does not happen often. Last year, WhatsApp's parent company Meta, Facebook and Instagram's owner, suffered an hour-long outage. These are rare, often they are resolved within an hour or at most a few hours.

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