Starlink: High Performance Flat Antenna Finally Brings Broadband to Moving Vehicles

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Mr. Elon Musk's high-speed satellite internet network will soon cover every corner of the globe, whether you're cruising in a yacht, cruising in a caravan, or soaring in a private jet.

starlink available for vechile

Starlink today announced the availability of a new type of antenna for rolling vehicles, the Flat High Performance.

The success of Starlink is undeniable. Space X's satellite Internet solution expands the options available to end users. Elon Musk's company has just announced the launch of a new antenna designed for use in motion via Twitter: the Flat High Performance.

Following cruise ships and airliners, motorhomes are now entitled to a high-speed Internet connection in their vehicle.

We are pleased to report that the subscription price does not appear to have risen. The Flat High-Performance hardware costs $2,500, while the Standard hardware costs $599.

No matter which hardware option you choose, Starlink RV costs $135 per month. Starlink is currently accepting orders for the new dish and expects to begin shipping the kits near the end of 2022.


Flat High Performance is designed for vehicle movement. Despite SpaceX engineers' best efforts, the antenna will have to be mounted on the vehicle's roof. 

The website doesn't say how to install it or even if you can do it yourself. There is no photograph of a real car equipped with Flat High Performance. Is it possible to mount it on the roof of a Tesla Model 3? No one knows for sure, but it's unlikely.

As long as you ride (or park) under open skies, reception with the Flat High Performance antenna (as with the standard Starlink antenna) should be adequate.

The company specifies that the speed that users will benefit from will be heavily influenced by the satellite coverage where they are, as well as the number of people using the network in the area.

Recognizing that few people spend all four seasons in a motorhome, SpaceX will offer to pay for a monthly subscription renewal. It is thus possible to pause it during the winter and resume it when the weather improves.

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