Rishi Sunak new British prime minister, vows to restore confidence

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Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) after he visited King Charles at Buckingham Palace.

Rishi Sunak gave a speech in front of the official residence at 10 Downing Street shortly afterward. The former Chancellor of the Exchequer becomes Britain's fifth prime minister in six years.

Sunak promised to deal with the deep economic crisis in the country. With a policy of "economic stability", he says he wants to protect the British people and businesses.

He also acknowledges that mistakes were made by his predecessor Liz Truss, but that it was not ill will. The country is facing a gas crisis and high inflation.

Rishi Sunak also promised to restore confidence in politics with an honest government. Sunak is now tasked with forming a new government. "Trust has to be earned, and I will earn your trust", said the prime minister. There is also a lot of division within the Conservative Party.

His first confrontation with the opposition is scheduled for tomorrow, with the weekly question time in the House of Commons.

Goodbye to Truss

Rishi Sunak, 42, succeeds Liz Truss, who stepped down as prime minister this morning. Truss said in her final speech it was a "huge honor" to lead the country after the death of Queen Elizabeth and when King Charles became the new head of state. The Queen died two days after Truss took office.

Truss said he acted "resolutely" in a short period to tackle the country's economic problems. Due to their great dissatisfaction with her policy, she resigned last week.

Truss held a final meeting with her cabinet this morning. After her speech, she traveled to Buckingham Palace to tender her resignation to King Charles. She is the shortest-serving Prime Minister the UK has ever had: she was in office for 45 days.

Truss in farewell speech: "A lot has been achieved in a short time"

Sunak was elected yesterday by the Conservative Party as its new leader. This automatically makes him the new prime minister of the country.

After the resignation of Boris Johnson, he attempted to become party leader, but he lost to Truss. When she announced her departure on Thursday after a weeks-long political and financial crisis, Sunak ran for re-election

The youngest and richest prime minister

Rishi Sunak was born in Southampton into a family of Indian descent. He is the first British Prime Minister to adhere to Hinduism and the first Prime Minister of color. At 42, he is the youngest prime minister in more than 200 years. With an estimated family wealth of 850 million euros, he will become the richest prime minister the British have ever had.

He has faced challenges over his elite background, having studied at the exclusive Winchester College, Oxford and Stanford universities. He is known for his expensive taste in fashion and has worked for banks and hedge funds, including Goldman Sachs.

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