GTA 5: Rockstar removes 95% of its anti-cheat systems, but why?

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gta 5
Credit: Rockstar

Rockstar has just removed all quality anti-cheat systems installed on GTA 5, leaving the door open to malicious players and hackers for no apparent reason.

Although the studio has not yet officially communicated about the operation, some see a link between it and the historic hacking that occurred at the start of the school year.

Even if GTA 6 continues to make headlines, the GTA 5 community, particularly GTA Online, is still very much alive. Almost a decade after its initial release, the Rockstar title remains one of the most popular video games of all time, attracting evil souls.

Despite anti-cheat systems in place, cheaters and hackers continue to populate GTA Online servers, much to the chagrin of players.

It may also appear surprising that Rockstar decided to remove these anti-cheat systems from its game without informing anyone. However, this is clearly what happened, according to the leaker Tez2, who specializes in information about the video game giant.

According to him, 95% of anti-cheat systems vanished in the most recent GTA 5 patch. The studio provided no explanation or announcement.


That, my friends, is the million-dollar question. Let's start with the obvious: it appears highly unlikely (if not completely impossible) that Rockstar will abruptly discontinue support for its golden hen, which is moreover overnight.

GTA 6 will not be released any sooner than expected. So, what prompted this decision? For many, this could be related to the GTA 6 hack.

Indeed, the publication of numerous videos of the game's prototype revealed that the hacker possessed the game's source code.

Alternatively, anti-cheating systems. In other words, in recent months, the latter has become particularly vulnerable.

As a result, it is entirely possible that Rockstar intends to overhaul these. We should hear back soon, as the studio intends to publish a release note for its patch.

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