Bug in macOS Ventura May Have Silently Broken Your Malware Protection; Here's How to Fix It

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Security software has issues with Apple's new Mac operating system: According to developers and app providers, after upgrading to macOS 13 Ventura, antivirus software and other anti-malware tools no longer have the necessary permissions to do their jobs properly. 

macOS 13 Ventura bug

Users may no longer receive notifications of captured malware and, in most cases, will not be aware of the problem until they actively open their security software.

macOS 13 Ventura Vulnerability - Bug introduced

Apple caused the error by patching an operating system vulnerability that was only correctly implemented in one of the last beta versions of macOS 13. As a result, the problem only gained traction after the release of macOS Ventura earlier this week. 

Security tool providers initially assumed the error was on their end until word spread that all tools that use Apple's "Endpoint Security" interface are affected, and there is no way around it for security software.

When upgrading to macOS 13, the antivirus software loses the previously granted full hard disc access and can no longer meaningfully scan for malware.

This also applies to other security tools such as BlockBlock, which is designed to warn you when malware has entered the operating system.

Fix Bug in macOS 13 Ventura

Eliminating the error is relatively simple: Users have to withdraw the authorization for all their affected security tools using the switch in "System settings > Data protection & security > Full hard disk access" and then grant them again. 

If that doesn't work, the affected tools must be removed from full hard disc access by clicking the minus button at the bottom and then re-added.

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